Speak Freely

Sometimes the normal words just don't work, and we need to figure out an entirely new way of talking. This episode presents a story on Esperanto, the international language that could-have-been-and-might-yet-still-become, followed by a short story by Suzanne Rivecca.

Producers: Micah Cratty
Producers: Bonnie Swift and Jonah Willihnganz
Featuring: Micah Cratty, Ben Savage, David Heyman, Nate Solon, Suzanne Rivecca
Music: Kissing Johnny, DJ Danny Glover, Julian Wass
URL: Storytelling Project's interview with Suzanne Rivecca

Release Date: 10 December 2007

You Are What You Eat

This special episode features three documentary stories about the ways in which, as the old saying goes, "you are what you eat." The modern industry of food, the ritual of eating, and the politics of agricultural production. You'll hear about how long a twinkie can last, and about whether or not the US government puts its money where its mouth is, regarding what it tells us to eat, compared to what it subsidizes through the farm bill. What we eat - and how we eat it - reveals the workings of our societies.

Host: Bonnie Swift
Producers: Micah Cratty and Jonah Willihnganz
Featured: Bonnie Swift, Jessica Schaefer, Mozzi Etemadi, Katherine Wells, Sherrie Chung, Micah Cratty

Music: David Chilsolm, John Serna, Taylormayd
Video Podcast: Pie from Scratch by Matt Harnack

Release Date: 3 December 2007

Approaching Africa

How do different groups approach Africa? Stories about media coverage of Africa, a student who taught poetry at a Zambian refugee camp, and how Ghana influenced Martin Luther King Jr.

Host: Micah Cratty
Producers: Micah Cratty and Jonah Willihnganz
Featuring: Chrissie Coxon, Stefanie Garcia, William Loel Von Hoene, Clayborne Carson
Music: Grant Newsome, Kissing Johnny

Release Date: 26 November 2007

Animal Kingdom II

More stories about the ways that animals shape our lives. A tour of Stanford's Animal Research Facility, and a short story about one father's strange relationship with the family dog.

Host: Bonnie Swift
Producers: Bonnie Swift and Jonah Willihnganz.
Featuring: Steven Tagle, James Madsen, Eric Puchner, Lee Konstantinou.
Music: Ember

Release Date: 12 November 2007

Animal Kingdom I

Animals play strange roles in our lives. Often, critters captivate those of us in the of the so-called dominant species. Our debut show includes four stories and a poem. Students search for salamanders in Stanford's Lake Lagunita. A scientist hatches a plan to "Re-wild" North America with endangered predators from Africa. Cats and Dogs inflict drama on couples who try to co-own them. Elephants may or may not have rescued tourists in Thailand, and Fireflies illuminate the soul in a poem by Troy Jollimore. Will animals captivate you this week?

Host: Bonnie Swift
Producers: Bonnie Swift and Jonah Willihnganz
Featuring: Rebecca Jacobs and Kalani Leifer, Kate Youngman and Tom James, Tracy Shepard, Hilton Obenzinger, Troy Jollimore.
Music: Hunt Alcott, Ambika, Cem Durouz
URL's: Hilton Obenzinger, Troy Jollimore.

Release Date: 5 November 2007