Animal Kingdom I

Animals play strange roles in our lives. Often, critters captivate those of us in the of the so-called dominant species. Our debut show includes four stories and a poem. Students search for salamanders in Stanford’s Lake Lagunita. A scientist hatches a plan to “Re-wild” North America with endangered predators from Africa. Cats and Dogs inflict drama on couples who try to co-own them. Elephants may or may not have rescued tourists in Thailand, and Fireflies illuminate the soul in a poem by Troy Jollimore. Will animals captivate you this week?

Host: Bonnie Swift
Producers: Bonnie Swift and Jonah Willihnganz
Featuring: Rebecca Jacobs and Kalani Leifer, Kate Youngman and Tom James, Tracy Shepard, Hilton Obenzinger, Troy Jollimore.
Music: Hunt Alcott, Ambika, Cem Durouz
URL’s: Hilton Obenzinger, Troy Jollimore.

Release Date: 5 November 2007

Listen to the Full Show:

Story 1: Amphibians of Love

Stanford’s Lake Lagunita was historically a place for sunbathing, skinny dipping and homecoming bonfires, but now it looks more like a mud flat than a lake. This is a story about a tiny animal who has transformed this Stanford landmark.

Producers: Kalani Leifer and Rebecca Jacobs

Story 2:Rewilding?

The story of one man’s proposal to introduce wild animals from the African Savannah into the great plains of the United States.

Producers: Kate Youngman and Tom James

Story 3: Animal Compatibility

Can cat people get along with dog people?

Producer: Tracy Sheppard

Story 4: Elephant Saviors

A story about the strange and heroic and perhaps mythological behavior of elephants during the Thailand Tsunami of 2004.

Producer: Bonnie Swift

Featuring: Hilton Obenzinger

Story 5: Fireflies

A poem by Troy Jollimore.

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