Animal Kingdom II

More stories about the ways that animals shape our lives. A tour of Stanford’s Animal Research Facility, and a short story about one father’s strange relationship with the family dog.

Host: Bonnie Swift
Producers: Bonnie Swift and Jonah Willihnganz.
Featuring: Steven Tagle, James Madsen, Eric Puchner, Lee Konstantinou.
Music: Ember

Release Date: 12 November 2007

Story 1: Primates with Orange Juice Ice Cubes

Take a tour of the Stanford Animal Research Facility, and hear how the animals are really treated. They’re treated like animals, right?

Producers: Steven Tagle and James Madson

Story 2: Animals Here Below

Animals can make you laugh — and sometimes and cry — even when they’re dead. Short fiction by Eric Puchner.

URL’s: Eric Puchner’s website, Storytelling Project’s interview with Eric Puchner

story 1 image via amber_10_79 – story 2 image via rivacrekennels