Speak Freely

Sometimes the normal words just don’t work, and we need to figure out an entirely new way of talking. This episode presents a story on Esperanto, the international language that could-have-been-and-might-yet-still-become, followed by a short story by Suzanne Rivecca.

Producers: Micah Cratty
Producers: Bonnie Swift and Jonah Willihnganz
Featuring: Micah Cratty, Ben Savage, David Heyman, Nate Solon, Suzanne Rivecca
Music: Kissing Johnny, DJ Danny Glover, Julian Wass
URL: Storytelling Project’s interview with Suzanne Rivecca

Release Date: 10 December 2007


Story 1: Esperanto, The Potentially Global Language

Maybe English isn’t the best language for the whole world… and maybe Esperanto, an artificially constructed language, is.

Producers: Ben Savage, David Heyman, Nate Solon


Story 2: “It Sounds Like You’re Feeling”

A woman discovering that the standardized language of mental health counseling just does not suffice. Short fiction by Suzanne Rivecca.

story 1 image via flickr | story 2 image via flickr