Saint Valentine’s Day Special

A Valentine’s Day special. The unlikely story of Saint Valentine, but as it turns out, most good love stories seem just as improbable. Second, we stood in Stanford’s White Plaza and asked passersby about just who – or what – they love. You’ll hear their strange replies, followed by a story about the risky and rewarding world of online dating. But that’s not all: four splendid love poems are dispersed throughout this episode.

Host: Rachel Hamburg
Producers: Bonnie Swift, Elizabeth Bradfield, Tom Freeland, Christina Ho, Danielle Spoor, and Lily Kornbluth
Featured: people passing through White Plaza
Music: Side by Side (Maxine Tang, Michelle Goldring, Deri Kusuma, Madalyn Radlauer, Alison Herson, Jose Araneta, and Michael Hsueh), Talisman, Matt Anderson

Release Date: 11 February 2008

Listen to the Full Show:

Story 1: Love in White Plaza

SSP producers brave the bicycles of White Plaza to record stories of love from passersby. Featuring music from Side by Side.

Producer: Bonnie Swift

Story 2: Endurance

Elizabeth Bradfield, Stegner Poet, reads an original poem describing one woman’s harrowing journey of love.

Story 3: Love at First Site

Stanford students explore the world of online dating and discover more than a few surprises about deception, chemistry, and fairytales.

Producers: Christina Ho, Danielle Spoor, and Lily Kornbluth

Story 4: Two Poems

Tom Freeland reads “I knew a woman” by Theodore Roethke and “Love One Another” by Khalil Gibran.

Story 5: Sonnet 138

To close the episode, Tom Freeland reads Sonnet 138 by William Shakespeare.

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