Times of Our Lives

Today’s show is about the different ways we experience time. In our first story, we explore the evolution of nostalgia and how it has become a way for us to cope with our rapidly changing lives. Then, we interview families about how one particular kind of time, ‘the time of grieving,’ has been changed radically by advances in medicine. Finally, we hear the story of how two people decided to make the time of their own personal lives synchronize with major historical events.

Host: Micah Cratty
Producer: Micah Cratty
Featured: Aaron Zarraga, Hanna Michelsen, Rachel Dowling, Daniel MacDougall, Tom Wiltzius, Nadja Blagojevic, Kirstin Ganz, Sam Tanzer, Amy Freedman, Chris Noxon, the Dowling family, the Vantrain family
Music: Chris Ayer, Brad Wolfe and Dave Chisolm

Release Date: 21 April 2008

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Story 1: Ache for Home

This story explores the evolution of nostalgia and how it has become an essential time of our lives. What are the implications of our need to constantly walk down memory lane?

Producers: Aaron Zarraga and Hanna Michelsen

Story 2: Time of Grieving

The time before death has become extended, prolonged even for years. Can you finish grieving even before a person dies?

Producers: Rachel Dowling, Daniel MacDougall and Tom Wiltzius

Featuring: Rachel Dowling, Daniel MacDougall, and Tom Wiltzius

Story 3: Into the Blast

Some are drawn to making their lives part of history. This story is about people whose time was warped, frozen and looped by the 1980 eruption of Mt. Saint Helens.

Producers: Nadja Blagojevic, Kirstin Ganz and Sam Tanzer