UnValentine’s Day

Normally Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate coming together, but today we’re exploring the reasons people drift apart. In four stories, we explore all the reasons we fail to click. We have a story about a Stanford student who tried, and failed, to sell her eggs to an elite donation agency, an investigation into the paradoxical allure of French women, a radio play about the perils of matchmaking, and an essay on love that offers an unusual take on arranged marriages.

Host: Charlie Mintz

Producers: Charlie Mintz, Hannah Krakauer, Rachel Hamburg

Featuring: Eva Glasrud, Paula England, Harville Hendrix, Stuart Blaire and Art Tosborvorn

Music: George Pritzker, Jeff Striker, Snuffaluffagus

Video Podcast: ‘Song of a Sperm Donor’ by Emmaunel Dayan

Release Date: 12 Febrary 2009

Listen to the Full Show:

Intro Story: These Are Not Just Ordinary Eggs

One Stanford undergrad goes on a quest to sell her eggs for a price of up to $100,000. Featuring Eva.

Story 1: The Elusive Allure of the French Female

Why is it so hard to click with French women? Or… is it??? Produced by Hannah Krakauer

Story 2: So… How did you two meet?

A radio drama of matchmaking gone terribly wrong. Produced by Charlie Mintz

Story 3: Arranged Success

We take a look at American expectations for love and ask whether arranged marriages might be best, in hopes of explaining the maddening tendencies of the human heart. Produced by Stuart Blaire and Art Tosborvorn

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