Narrow Escapes

Why are we drawn to stories of escape? How do we know when we’ve escaped or when we’ve been captured? Today’s show features stories of narrow escapes, written and read by the winners of our first story contest. The dangers of professional panty sniffing, a maybe catastrophic encounter with abandoned tires, and a short story recalling a scary chapter in Stanford’s past.

Host: Lee Konstantinou

Producers: Lee Konstantinou and Charlie Mintz

Featuring: Amanda Glasser, Erika Harrell, Mandy MacCalla

Release Date: 19 March 2009

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Story 1: Panty Sniffing 101

The desperate desire of one woman, fresh out of college, to escape from her first attempt at respectable employment.
Featuring: Amanda Glasser
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Story 2: Tiretastrophy

An innocent high school shenanigan gone wrong
Featuring: Erica Harold
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Story 3: Terror in College Terrace

This story presents frightening moment in Stanford’s past, when many women felt that they might not escape.
Featuring: Mandy McCallow
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Writing on the Wall

There all sorts of ways to send a messages: composing an email, writing a text message, pasting up fliers, or literally writing on the wall. In this show, we explore the various ways people communicate: digital and analog, private and public, even legal and illegal. The surprising origins of online social networks, the world of graffiti art, and bathroom stall vandalism.

Host: Dan Hirsch

Producers: Dan Hirsch, Will Rogers,

Featuring: Fred Turner, Molly Butcher, Lyndsey Garlock, Lexi Tsien-Shiang, Mitchell Wilcox,

SK, Crayone, Demon 202, Niccolo De Luca

Music: Johnny Hwin, Lauchlan Casey, Ill-Conditioned

Release Date: 5 March 2009

Listen to the Full Show:

Intro Story: Flyer Pagoda

Dan Hirsch and Will Rogers explore a flyer pagoda at Stanford. It’s one of many self-standing bulletin boards that attract little attention from bikers, even though each one holds a little universe in itself.
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Story 1: Hippies in Cyberspace

Dan travels back in time with Stanford Professor Fred Turner to discuss the “hippier” side of the internet’s beginnings. Thanks to people like Stewart Brand, the internet has been a place for Sharing since long before facebook started using the word.
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Story 2: Your Bathroom Stall, My Art Project

Mollie Butcher now studies art in one of the graffiti capitals of the world – Berlin. Stanford is no Berlin, but, while here, Butcher did find a way to make a splash with what little graffiti she could find. Will Rogers makes a long-distance call to conduct the interview.
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Story 3: Graffiti

Three Stanford Students go into the Bay Area graffiti scene, seeing graffiti as a form of urban renewal. They interview three graffiti artists and a public official about an art form that dances freely from legal to illegal to legal to illegal, and keeps on dancing.
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