Whether or not there’s a cape, a sword, or a noble steed involved, we all go on quests. We leave the comforts and routines of ordinary life in search of a light that hovers just beyond the horizon. In the old days, it was a better trade route, a new world, the holy grail. It’s much the same today. But what is it about the quest that makes it so different from merely reaching for a goal? And what makes it worth leaving everything else behind? In this episode, a girl named Rachel searches the world in a quest for her holy grail. Accompanying her is an academic all-star named Bobby, who is questing for certain kind of community. In our last piece, a film editor named Giusepi goes on a quest around America for a better way to serve people.

Producers: Rachel Hamburg and Sophia Paliza

Host: Rachel Hamburg

Featuring: Bobby Holley, Daniela Bize, Guisepi the Tea Guy

Release Date: 30 January 2013

Images courtesy of Rachel Hamburg


Story 1: In Search of a Nomad Base

Rachel Hamburg tells the story of her search for a transformative feeling she had once while traveling. While searching, she joins Bobby Holley, a computer-geek turned nomad, on his quest to build a “nomad base” – a free home for travelers, hitchhikers, and wanderers – in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Producer: Rachel Hamburg

Featuring: Bobby Holly, Daniela Bize

Music: Cam Deas, Black Twig and Steve Gunn, Fred van Eps, Victor Herbert Orchestra, James Blackshaw, Loren MazzaCane Connors, The Oo-Ray, Broke for Free, and Phil Reavis

Original Music: Manolis Seuega

This piece also features the music of Jake Wachtel (Walk/Tell) who traveled around the world for a year and then recorded an album called WanderLove, which features 80 instruments that he collected on his journeys.



Story 2: Giusepi the Tea Guy

Guisepi is a film editor with an unusual quest: to build a bus that will allow him to travel America, bringing free tea to strangers.

Producer: Sophia Paliza

Music: Yair Yona, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Steven R. Smith



Bonus Story: Heinrich Kaput

While hitchhiking in Germany, Bobby Holley befriends a stranger who makes an unusual request.

Producer: Rachel Hamburg and Bobby Holley

Writer: Bobby Holley

Music: Axel Linst├Ądt for Improved Sound Limited, James Blackshaw, and Phil Reavis