We name people, places, and things out of necessity, but the labels we choose take on the weight of history, culture, and identity. In this episode, we talk about the names we use, and why they matter.

Release date:12 June 2018

Story 1: Choi Jeong Min 

“My korean name is the star my mother cooks into the jjigae to follow home when i am lost.” // a spoken word poem

Story 2: Sweet Potato Love 

In an isolated fishing village in Papua New Guinea, a linguist sets out to write the first dictionary of the Ende language. Not long after she begins, she finds that one word was more difficult to translate: mokwang, Ende’s word for love, which also means survival.

In this story, we’ll hear how Ende women define what it means to love in Limol, Papua New Guinea.

Producer: Kate L. Lindsey, with help from Claire Schoen

Story 3: Fursonas 

VOX at the San Jose Furry Convention 2017

Producers: Cameron Tenner, Adesuwa Agbonile, Hannah Nguyen, Claudia Heymach

Story 4: NumberTwo

An old house in Bangalore is the sun at the center of a family’s solar system. Or is it?

Featuring: Shantha Rao, Smitha Walling, Melina Walling

Producers: Melina Walling, Jett Hayward, Cathy Wong, Alec Glassford

Story 5: Make the Mascot Indian Again

Dahkota Brown campaigns to become the Stanford Tree, and making the mascot Indian again.

Producer: Erin Woo