Respite: A Journey into Foster Care

You’re six years old. Child protective services removed you from the only life you’ve ever known and placed you in state custody. Producer: Rachel Vaughn Music: you can calmly put this thing together by Junior 85 And So Then by Le Rosevere Daydreamer by Podington Bear

Seeing with Sound

If sound matters, why? I am not alone in fearing blindness, because we live in a world of visuals. Whether I am reading a book, following street signs, or hopping on a train, I can’t imagine navigating a world without my eyes. I tune out the cacophony of cars, squeaks, barks, and pedestrian crossings on a daily basis. In privileging sight, what am I missing in sound? “When you close your eyes you begin to feel your body. You become aware of your non-visual abilities,” said Thomas Tajo, a blind echolocator. I speak with human echolocators, eye researchers, and music professors to discover just how much sound has to offer. Close your eyes. Tune in, and listen to what is revealed. Producer: Chloe Barreau Music: Veni Creator Spiritus by John Dunstable Lost and Found by Podington Bear Three Colors by Podington Bear

Brains and Bronze: How Octavius Catto came back to life

Octavius Catto, a 19th century activist, stands in bronze as the first statue of a black man on Philadelphia public property. And he’s coming back to life in other ways–on a giant mural, and in the art and social justice scenes of the city. What would this statue of an activist from history say to the activists surrounding it now…why is he back, and what’s he trying to tell us? Produced in memory of Willis “Nomo” Humphrey.

Producer: Melina Walling

Featuring: Melina Walling, Keir Johnston, Shakirah, Eddy, Kim McCleary, Branly Cadet, Dejay Duckett, Paul Farber

Music: sonder, johnny_ripper, epilogue; Everybody Wants Gold and a Mermaid, Tony Higgins, Ray-A Life Underwater; You Can Calmly Put This Thing Together (Piece by Piece), junior85, Upside Down, Left to Right; Flight, Nctrnm, EQUINOX

The taste of war: The Koreans and U.S. combat ration

What does a war taste like? Tracing the history of U.S. military combat ration in Korea, the podcast tells the Koreans’ bittersweet encounters with America.

Producer: Won-Gi Jung

Music: Submerging Blue-Black by Podington Bear Memory Wing by Podington Bear

A Postcard from Mariana

Hurricane Maria revealed a dependency on the government but there was one community that used it as an opportunity to claim their independence. “There was no government here. And we couldn’t wait for the government. We couldn’t wait for anyone.” In this story I visit of the community of Mariana that has tried to separate themselves from the government.

Producer: Gabriela Nagle Alverio

Music: Puerto Rico by Englewood Elementary wave by Erokia Night Cave by Lee Rosevere