What ideas exist behind material objects? In this episode, we’re going to look at stuff—things we can see or hear or touch—to try to understand the intangible, like memory, history, and bias.

Our Immortal Stuff
While moving out of her dorm, faced with putting everything she had in boxes, producer Yue Li began to feel uncomfortable about her own buying habits. So she took a trip to Berkeley to meet some people who think really differently about…stuff.

Featuring: Max, Jimmy, Sarah (Urban Ore employees and shoppers)
Producer: Yue Li

Brains and Bronze: How Octavius Catto Came Back to Life
Octavius Catto, a 19th century activist, stands in bronze as the first statue of a black man on Philadelphia public property. And he’s coming back to life in other ways–on a giant mural, and in the art and social justice scenes of the city. What would this statue of an activist from history say to the activists surrounding it now…why is he back, and what’s he trying to tell us?

Featuring: Keir Johnston, Shakirah, Eddy, Kim McCleary
Producer: Melina Walling

Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Eat Processed Food 
We’re surrounded by processed food. But how did it get here? A story about what we can learn from the food we eat every day.

Featuring: Hannah LeBlanc
Producers: Isabella Tilley, Yue Li, Melina Walling, Christine Delianne

Becoming British
As a kid, Esther wanted to change something fundamental about herself. Her solution? Put on a fake British accent. A story about what we can learn from a six-year-old pretend Londoner.

Featuring: Esther Omole
Producer: Adesuwa Agbonile