This episode investigates the act of preserving, a decision made in the present, regarding the past, looking towards the future. What can we learn from what we choose to preserve? What does preserving reveal about our values?


Story 1: Mother of Falcons
Master falconer Kate Marden has an urgent mission: preservation through education. What’s at stake? The ability to connect to something as wild as a bird of prey

Producers:Regina Kong
Music: Massive Attack by Podington Bear; Teals Descending Upon the Level Sand by Lo Ka Ping; Shines Through Trees by Podington Bear; Be careful, I’ve Stood On It Too by Bitbasic; Night Caves by Lee Rosevere; Le Songe d’Hacholhii by Sunhiilow; When You’re On the Moon by Tony Higgins

Story 2: Deekin’ on Boont Harpers
Boonville isn’t just a sleepy wine town in Northern California. It has its own culture, tall tales, and even its own version of a language – Boontling. Sadly, like Boonville itself, Boontling is fading away. We explore a diverse array of perspectives on what Boontling really means, on how its multiple layers intertwine with the history, economy, and deeply human aspects of this community.

Featuring: Wes Smoot, Rod DeWitt, Karen Ge
Producers: Carolyn Stein, Karen Ge, Cat Fergesen
Music: Warmup by Patrick Muecke, Serenity by Jason Shaw, Animal Magic by Purple Plant, Every Life by Purple Planet, Mountain Breeze by Purple Planet, Evan Schaeffer by Graze, Easy Day by Kevin MacLeod

Story 3: Art Never Dies
When we walk into a museum, we rarely think about the behind-the-scenes life of the art hanging on the wall. What goes into preserving art to stand the test of time? What happens when the physical material can’t be saved? Does the art piece die?

Producers: Grace Zhang, Lola McAllister, Liv Jenks
Music:Curiosity by Lee Rosevere, Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod, The Flight of lulu by Possimiste