What do we gain from gathering? In this episode, we’re thinking about how coming together can change us. We’ll hear about a citizen-led clean-up movement in India, a Bay Area artist who forms an unlikely friendship with a church in Colorado, and a student who experiences the power of connection at a living museum on Stanford campus.

Story 1: My Ugly India
“What do I owe to this land? And why?” In this story, Tanvi Dutta Gupta explores how one citizen-led clean-up movement has confronted the ugliness of Indian cities, and what this means for her own belonging as an Indian.

Producer: Tanvi Dutta Gupta
Featuring: Kumar
Music: “Bauxite” – Little Rock – Blue Dot Sessions
“Highride” – Radiopink – Blue Dot Sessions
“Tessalit” – Azalai – Blue Dot Sessions
“Louver” – Holyoke – Blue Dot Sessions
“Secret Pocketbook” – Holyoke – Blue Dot Sessions
“Anders” – Macrame – Blue Dot Sessions
“Silent Flock” – Migration – Blue Dot Sessions
“The Consulate” – Holyoke – Blue Dot Sessions
“Li-Fonte” – Architect – Blue Dot Sessions

Story 2: Engrique Chagoya: Making Art & Community
Art can be controversial, and Enrique Chagoya, an artist and professor at Stanford, is no stranger to controversy. But, in his experiences, art also has the power to bring people together–often, in unexpected ways.

Producer: Regina T.H. Ta
Featuring: Enrique Chagoya
Music: “We Collect Shiny Things” – Blue Dot Sessions – Love & Weasel
“Are We Loose Yet” – Blue Dot Sessions – Bodytonic
“Six Gnossiennes: Gnossienne No. 1” – Erik Satie – 50 Essential Piano Pieces by Roland Pöntinen
“Thannoid” – Blue Dot Sessions – Bodytonic

Story 3: Experiencing Sankofa
What are you supposed to do after a noose is found on your campus? Stanford’s answer to that question was, in part, to invite The Experience Sankofa Project, a living museum on black history to campus. This story details what the Project can teach us about racism, activism, and (maybe most importantly), community.

Producer: Adesuwa Agbonile
Featuring: Venus Morris, Dereca Blackmon, Mizan Alkebulan-Abakah, Sizwe Andrews-Abakah, Frank Omowale Satterwhite, Jeanette Smith-Laws, Persis Drell
Music: “Multiple Crystal Bowl Rhythm – – Geerose
“All the Answers” – Lee Rosevere
“It’s a Mystery” – Lee Rosevere
“You’re Enough Version C” – Lee Rosevere