Undergraduate Grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded to research and create an audio podcast documentary based on oral history archives or interviews conducted by the student. Awards will be made in the spring quarter for research to be conducted over the summer.

All pieces will be featured on the Storytelling Project’s popular, award-winning radio show and podcast. Some stories reach national broadcast outlets.

The 2020 Braden Grant application will become available on Monday, January 6. Students considering applying are encouraged to make a StoryLab appointment in the fall quarter to prepare their story pitches.


The following conditions must be met for any proposed project to be considered:

  • Grantees must be enrolled undergraduate students at all times during the undertaking of their project, to its conclusion during the fall term after summer research. Typically this means that the applicant is in their junior year or earlier, but seniors may apply if they will co-term or if they will be enrolled through the following fall term.
  • Attend three 2.5hr training sessions in Spring term (held on Friday mornings)
  • All grant recipients must enroll in a formal 2-credit graded course in the subsequent fall quarter that will help them transform their research into an accomplished documentary.
  • While a faculty letter of support is welcomed, it is not required.
  • The majority of students will deliver their research findings in the form of an audio documentary / podcast of professional quality: a completed and submitted broadcast-ready mix.
  • As part of the award, students will be lent recording equipment and training before research begins and also mentorship through the whole production and research period from Storytelling Project faculty and staff.


Application period: January 6 – February 23, 2020 (11:59pm)

Official Guidelines

For any questions about the award not answered here, contact