Play It Again, Roman!

by Jackson Roach


It’s easy to forget about all the little sounds, the pops and rustles and scratches and clicks that surround me in my everyday life. I’m constantly filtering through, focusing past, drowning out all these sounds. And this is especially true with my daily devices.

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I Want to Be a Millionaire

by Will Rogers

When I listened to “Roger Dowds: Millionaire Winner,” by Irish producer Ronan Kelly, I immediately got into sync with the protagonist -­‐-­‐ when he felt sad, I felt sad. When he felt happy, I felt happy. The listening experience is simple when the character is likable.

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How to Spook Your Listener

By Bonnie Swift

Haunted. I felt haunted when I first listened to Scott Carrier’s, The Test on This American Life, in 2001. Now, more than ten years later, this story is still etched in my memory like few stories are. It’s a story about Carrier driving through the Utah countryside, in search of people with schizophrenia.

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