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Welcome to the podcast of the Stanford Storytelling Project!

If you’re a new student and interested in learning more about SSP please come to any of our story Jams. SSP is a great way to make new storytelling friends, learn how to make podcasts that ask meaningful questions of the world…and yourself. (PITCH us a story at bottom of page)

Drop by any of the following to learn more:

Tuesday Open 5:30pm (Hume 250-201) Week 1-10

Friday production jam 2pm – 4pm (Wallenberg 160-127)

For more info (stanford email)

Flying episode: Tuesday 4PM Lead Producer: Chris cleboa@
* Dying episode: Wednesday 10:45AM LP: Aparna  averma2@
Hiding episode: Thursday 3PM LP: Melina mwalling@
Myth & Monsters episode: Fri 10AM LP: Claudia  cheymach@


                               Production Portal for SSP students (SUNet required):


If you have a story idea feel free to come by and talk to any SSP student or SUBMIT A STORY PITCH (below). Here are some of our upcoming show themes:

Myth and/or Monsters 
Can we love the idea of something so much we end up creating it?
Is magic and myth dead? Are there any monsters left in the dark forests? Are there any dark forests remaining?  Nature used to be the unknown, and where the unknown lurked in the form of monsters…but in the anthropocene are we not the monsters?
We’re looking for stories of people overcoming monsters, especially monsters of their own creation. And any stories about the tiny little bits of myth that might still be around in our know all world. We have one story about about elves in Iceland defending ‘nature’, or at least the idea of it.
Flying / Gravity / Soaring…
Stories about defying gravity. From the ancient Greeks to the Wilbur brothers and Elon Musk, humans have gazed at the sky with the hopes of exploring the unknown, and escaping the known.
With modern technology we now have the ability to create flight. How has this changed our perceptions of it? Are we grounding flight, and replacing our wonder with practicality?
Socio economic escape? We have one story about trapeze artists, and a student who goes from Oakland to Singapore to explore styles and cultures.
Dying (and resurrection?)
All things must come to an end: Life. Love. Ideas. Stories. Even plastic (well, eventually).
There’s nothing more immortal than the search for immortality.
What is created in the realization of life’s brevity? Art? What happens when hope dies?
Our anchor story is about those who work with they dying, to give a quality of life in the last breaths.
To balance we are looking for fun or funny stories about crushes being crushed, about unrealistic plans dying in the face of reality. And ghosts! Tis halloween season so let’s talk to the dead on CAMPUS (Jake does a regular haunted walking tour of campus). All ghost stories are history stories so let’s hear from the people and events of the past that haunt us today!
And what about coming back? Resurrection?

        Inspired to pitch an audio story idea? 

For more information or questions contact our managing editor: jwarga at