State of the Human Production Page

Welcome to the podcast of the Stanford Storytelling Project!

If you’re a new student and interested in learning more about SSP please come to any of our story Jams. SSP is a great way to make new storytelling friends, learn how to make podcasts that ask meaningful questions of the world…and yourself. (PITCH us a story at bottom of page)

Drop by any of the following to learn more:

Friday Open 1:30 (Wallenberg 160-127)
Wednesday Production Jam 1:30-2:30 (Sweet Hall 216)
Friday Production Jam 2:30pm – 4:30pm (Wallenberg 160-127)

For more info, email the lead producers (stanford email)

Hiding episode: Monday 3:30, Lead Producer: Melina mwalling@
*Learning Medicine episode: Meeting time TBD Lead Producer: Christy hartman7@


                               Production Portal for SSP students (SUNet required):


If you have a story idea feel free to come by and talk to any SSP student or SUBMIT A STORY PITCH (below). 

     Inspired to pitch an audio story idea? 

For more information or questions contact our managing editor: tnaiman at