Story Exchanges empower students and staff looking to deepen their relationships and contribute to more empathetic community in and around campus. During this workshop we’ll acquire storytelling tools to engage more authentically and feel more centered in our lives. Learn how to nurture deep human capacities like empathy, resilience, and forgiveness, and bring them back to your communities on campus and beyond. 

Story Exchanges are sponsored by The Stanford Storytelling Project, the Office for Religious and Spiritual Life, and the Lifeworks Program for Integrative Learning.

Upcoming Story Exchanges

Summer Studies

July 12, 2023
2:30-4:30 Toyon

By inhabiting someone else’s story—even for a moment—we are better able to understand each other and better equipped to change the world, student by student, school by school, story by story.

Join Stanford Storytelling Project Director Jonah Willihnganz and Managing Editor Laura Joyce Davis as we learn through story exchanges to champion our differences, mend our divisions, make us think less about our kind, and more about being kinder.

Stories are the one common bond every person shares.
The ultimate democracy
— but with a touch of magic.

N4 Story Exchange

Past Story Exchanges

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